So, you have bought a fine piece of wooden jewelry or accessiories?
How to keep this fine piece of handicraft so it will decorate you as long as possible? Below you will find some tips!

We are not going to give you illusion, that wooden jewelry is as strong as metal jewelry. But at the same time, we can confirm, that strenght and durability of the wood is often underestimated. With the right maintainance, it is possible to enjoy wooden jewelry for years and decades.

All the jewelry is covered with high quality Osmo oilwax, which is specially designed for precious wood and is skin friendly. Oilwax penetrates deep into the wood and brings out unique wood pattern. The surface of the jewelry is protected during daily wear.

All our products are designed and produced to last in everyday use. Although the jewelry are covered with oilwax, that creates water resistant layer, we strongly recommend to remove wooden jewelry and accessories before going to swim and before going to shower. Also it is recommended to remove jewelry and accessories during intensive workout.

For once a month, it is recommended to clean the wooden jewelry or accessories with slightly moisten micro fiber cloth. Then let it airdry and cover with some clear wood oil or wax (for example beeswax). For the best results, contact YourWood and we give you step by step instructions just for your earrings or bracelet. 
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