Our story

How YourWood story begun?

YourWood journey begun on the beautiful spring day of 2018 as I had an idea of making a gift for the close relative. As we all know, making something by hand is the best gift and the first oak wood ring was born. Later, I made some wooden tie pins and simple wooden earrings.
The story of beautiful, meaningful and soulful handicraft spreaded rapidly, interest among the people grew and on april 4-th in 2018 I opened a webshop to estonian customers. About two years later, on april 2020 it was time to spread wings and enter to the international market with the name YourWood.
At first, the product choice was rather small but as the time passed by, I designed new jewelry and accessories for both men and women.

One of the first crafts - oak wood ring.

At the beginning of the journey, the design language was rather simple but soon I discovered the amazing possibility of bending natural wooden veneer. After that, whole new era begun and so was born first hoop earrings and spiral earrings and spiral bracelets.
Tha various twists and streamlined motifs in YourWood products are light and elegant. And at the same time, thanks to the nature of wood - rustic, warm and homely. As the result of careful handcraft and finishing, ordinary wood becomes high-quality jewelry that emphasizes the wearer´s most beautiful features.

YourWood values sustainable and economical usage of material

All our products are made by hand, no laser cutters and CNC workplaces are not used. About 80% of the material we use is factory leftovers. Interesting fact is, that the smallest piece of veneer we can use , is 1 cm x 7 cm. From these small pieces, after 4 days of work, beautiful spiral earrings will born.

In all our operations, we consider environmental friendliness and high quality materials first priority and therefore we know that handicrafts made with passion reflects the soul of its creator. No piece of jewelry is the same, they are all unique, we use only natural wood veneer which means they all have their own personality.

Rosewood spiral earrings on top of the veneer sheet.

The choice of material we use is wide and represented are both local european wood species (birch, ash, oak) as well as exotic wood species (rosewood, mahogany, ebony and black walnut). Find out more about wood species HERE
All the veneer leftovers that reaches us, finds new life instead of being thrown away. The residue after our fine work is minimal. As for metal parts, we use high quality Sterling Silver 925, which means also most of allergic women can wear our earrings.

We are open to our customers wishes

Being a small business, it is our first priority to communicate with our customers and openness to customers wishes. Considerable amount of orders we receive are special orders - we allow customers to choose the right material and right shape of the jewelry. We also personalise some of the products, for example cufflinks, tie pins and bracelets.
Special orders and new ideas are more than welcome!
Our priority is, that every piece of jewelry fits the wearer pefectly and finds plenty of use!
Our customer numbers are constantly growing thanks to the webshop and our good resellers, for which we are extremely thankful. 
We promise to continue promoting environmentally friendly Estonian design and hope to bring customers value through high quality jewelry and content!