Wood we use

Below you will find more information about different wood species we use to make our products.

Wenge tree is a African origin hardwood which is used not only for jewelry making but also for making musical instruments. Wood is extremely hard, grain is dark brown with interesting light streaks.
In its unfinished form, the wood is dark brown but after sanding and covering with oilwax, wood turns almost black, but still retaining the lighter streaks. 
Wood is visibly porous.

In the old times, high quality and genuine mahogany was primarily meant to be Honduran mahogany. Although nowadays, there are Honduran mahogany growing farms in southeast of Asia, the wood primarily comes from western Africa.
Mahogany is highly valued for its luxurious color, which ranges from light reddish brown to deep reddish brown.
Due to its beautiful dark red hue, mahogany has been used mostly in carpentry and shipbuilding. 
Wood is porous.

Oak is very popular wood mostly used in interiors (floors and furniture), very hard and durable. 
Very weather resistant, therefore widely used in outdoor purposes. High quality hardwood withstands even in situations, where it is in the direct contact with soil and water. The proof is extremely precious and rare black oak, which has taken dark brown or even black color when staying in the water or mud for hundreds of years.
The oak grows widely in Europe and Northern-America. Nearly 600 different oak species have been identified worldwide.

Rosewood is known for its gorgeous grain pattern, often the wood is called Palisander.
This genus also includes Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, cocobolo rosewood and about dozen other species.
Rosewood is very precious and exotic wood, which can grow up to 20 meters tall.
Due to its strenght and beautiful pattern, rosewood is often used by making musical instruments, mostly acoustic guitars.

Ash tree belongs to the family of olive trees. Well grown ash wood is very similar to olive wood. 
Ash wood is known for its beautiful grain pattern and striped look.
Even if the surface of the wood is absolutely smooth, the texture of the wood may leave the impression that the wood surface is uneven.
Interesting fact is that ash is very heavy and hard, even harder than oak.
Growing in both Europe and America, wood is used in carpentry, furniture and flooring.

American black walnut
Although the walnut tree grows in Europe as well, most of this exceptional wood comes from Northern America. 
Walnut has always been considered as precious wood and used to make high quality products. The greyish brown color will impress even the most demanding customer. 
The wood is easy to work with, it is easy to sand and easy to finish.
One of our customers favourite wood!

Birch is the national tree of Finland, it is well known for its strong wood and light color. As time goes by, the color of the wood becomes more dark, but the beautiful light hue and subtle structure remains the same.
Wood is hard but still very easy to work with, for both handicraft and machine working.
The wood is easy to polish.


What makes teak wood special is the resistance to insects and rotting, also high stability, good strenght and ease to work with.
All those characteristics makes teak wood one of the most used outdoor wood in the world. One of the main uses is in the shipbuilding industry , where most of the decks and other wooden parts are made of teak wood.

Black ebony wood

Nowadays, ebony wood is considered to be obtained from the species of the Diospyros family. 
The colors of these species are different - black, dark brown, grayish, greenish and reddish. 
Historically, the high demand for luxurious ebony wood has led to strong deforestation, result is that most ebony species are protected species.
Today, ebony is one of the most valuable trees in the world.
Fun fact - ebony is so hard and dense, it will not float on the water!

Iroko wood

Iroko tree is able to grow very tall (up to 45 meters), grows mainly in West-Africa and is known to live up to 500 years old.
The wood has wide range of uses, shipbuilding, flooring, furniture and woodturning.
Iroko has been called also African teak wood, mainly because of the good features like resistance to moisture and resistance to insects.